Introductory Questions: Introductory Questions:
    1. My name is Hanna Goldstein. I am a Junior majoring in Communication Design.

    2. I have always been interested in graphic design, but I have little experience with screen based design and hope to develop skills in this area. This class will teach me to apply my design skills in the context of "real world" situations.

    3. The only experience I have with HTML is in Typography last semester.

    4. I hope to learn the basic foundations of designing browser-based media. I also hope to enhance my design and communication skills and apply them in a more real-world setting.

    5. I anticipate designing for screen instead of for paper will be challenging at first, but useful in the long run. It will teach me to think from a different perspective and confront issues I have not had to deal with in the past. Facing these challengings and figuring out unique solutions will help me to improve my overall design skills.

    6. This website exemplifies effective design because it is advertising an exhibit that showcases the unique colors found throughout New York City. When one opens the page, a black and white city scape is the first image they will see. Then, pops of color begin to pop up on the screen, creating a sense of fun and excitement that exemplifies the intentions of the exhibit.

    7. This website exemplifies effective communication because it takes the company's tagline and instead of just plainly stating it, the countdown conveys the idea that life happens quickly/living in the moment.

    8. This website works well because its colorful nature, use of buttons, and overall interactivity creates a fun atmosphere that is attractive to young children (its target audience.)